As per the Indian Govt regulations, TDS on Crypto/ Virtual digital assets is applicable from the 1st of July 2022. We are upgrading our platform as per the new tax regulations. Hence TDS will be deducted according to section 194S of the Finance Bill 2022, on all the applicable crypto transactions. Know More

About Us

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Unified Crypto Solution

Kassio is focussed on a unique value generation for the native crypto users and the new user base who is willing to explore and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Kassio, through its unified solution, aims to integrate the idea of ‘crypto utility’ and ‘financial independence’ for its users in a safe and legit environment.

Kassio aspires to serve your unbanked or underbanked needs by offering earning potential up to 13% APY and convenience to utilize your crypto the way you like.

People at Kassio

We are a combination of proven tech-entrepreneurs, crypto believers, global strategists and community driven mindsets. We believe Kassio is mission-critical, as it address the current market gap at the intersection of crypto utility and crypto finance, where user is looking for one integrated crypto banking application.

Management Team

Sachin Singh
Sachin Singh
Anuj Pratap Yadav
Anuj Pratap Yadav
Bharat Vivek Kassio
Bharat Vivek
Peter Hauge Jensen
Peter Hauge Jensen

Business and Technical Team

Anish Gupta Kassio
Anish Gupta
Vaibhav Jain Kassio
Vaibhav Jain
Paras Dua Kassio
Paras Dua
Tegan Spinner
Tegan Spinner

Abdus Samad Kassio
Abdus Samad
Dinesh Pandey Kassio
Dinesh Pandey