Earn up to 13% APY

Invest smartly and amplify your crypto

Why keep your crypto idle? When you can earn interest while enjoying the power of compounding to increase the value of your assets. Get paid weekly and withdraw whenever you want. Earn, Grow and enjoy full control of your crypto asset. Start earning today!

cryptocurrency earning

Earn Features

Make most of your crypto assets with us. Put your crypto in the Kassio wallet and get fixed interest while growing them exponentially. Be a crypto genius, don’t just HODL crypto, grow and earn while HODLing with Kassio.

Smart Earnings

With flexible earning capability, increase the yield on assets with fixed / flexible term on your deposits

Competitive Rates

Guaranteed high interest rate on your deposits to help you increase your portfolio value. Unlike other platforms, Kassio is invested to bring you best rates

Insured Assets

Your assets are secured with military grade custody with guaranteed insurance on assets up to $750 million

No Hidden Fees

We never hold or charge any fees on your deposits or earnings. You will get every dollar you earn

Start Earning With Kassio

Earn fixed interest & amplify your crypto while holding with us


Start with any amount

There is no minimum balance required. Start earning instantly.

Power of Compounding

With weekly payouts, interest is added to your principal balance. In the next payout you earn on updated balance

Zero Charges

No hidden fees or charges. All earnings are deposited in your wallet

Flexibility in earning

Choose between flex or fixed term deposit options

Frequently Asked Questions